Anamorelin: The Muscle Growth Peptide!

Anamorelin is a growth hormone

Anamorelin is a growth hormone that can be used to help stimulate muscle mass, strength and endurance. It has been shown to promote anti-catabolic effects by working against the actions of cortisol in the body. In addition, it can also be an effective treatment for conditions such as obesity and osteoporosis. This blog post will discuss how Anamorelin works, its potential benefits and side effects, as well as how you should go about using it if you are interested in trying this product out for yourself!

Definition of Anamorelin

Anamorelin is a centrally-penetrant, highly selective growth hormone of the ghrelin/secretagogue type which is currently under development as a potential new pharmaceutical drug for treatment of moderate to severe cachexia associated with chronic heart failure, anorexia nervosa, renal insufficiency including kidney dialysis, age-related sarcopenia and other conditions.

The structure of Anamorelin is similar to that of Ghrelin (1-4). It has been shown that it increases serum growth hormone levels in humans. Moreover, it has been found that Anamorelin enhances glycogen content of skeletal muscles.

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Benefits from GH:

It is important to create an overall positive environment within our bodies if we want it to function properly and remain strong and healthy as we age! One way we can do this is by using products such as Anamorelin, which by increasing GH levels (and other beneficial hormones) we increase the potential for improved health and well-being. This allows us to optimize multiple bodily systems at once by improving your body’s response to stress, increasing your metabolism and energy levels, improving sleep quality and so much more.

There are a number of potential benefits that the use of Anamorelin can have for those who choose to take it as a supplement. These include:

  • Increase in muscle mass and strength, as well as enhanced endurance.
  • Increased bone density and stronger bones. 
  • Increased fat metabolism.
  • Treatment of cachexia, anorexia nervosa, sarcopenia or chronic heart failure associated with reduced functional status.

How Anamorelin works:

It has been found that Anamorelin stimulates secretion of GH from anterior pituitary cells through receptor-mediated process, without involvement of neurotransmitters or other mediators. Ghrelin receptors have been identified on anterior pituitary cells where ghrelin exerts its action by a similar mechanism as well as peripherally on the liver, skeletal muscles and the gastrointestinal tract.

Anamorelin administration leads to significant increase in the concentration of IGF-1 and significant decrease in concentrations of somatostatin, GH, cortisol and glucagon. In addition, this compound also increases glucose consumption by skeletal muscles which can be helpful in treating diabetes mellitus type 2.

Side Effects of HGH:

Not known to create any serious side effects

Anamorelin is not known to create any serious side effects when used by healthy adults in the short-term. Possible side effects include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or discomfort. Headache, joint pain or muscle pain may also occur depending on the individual taking it. Side effects that cause some concerns are fast heart rate (tachycardia) which can lead to some serious health problems including high blood pressure (hypertension), slow heart rates (bradycardia), feeling lightheaded or fainting; irregular heartbeat; seizure; decreased sexual desire or ability; enlarged breasts in men; breast enlargement in women; and temporary sleep problems (insomnia).

It is not recommended that those with severe cardiovascular disease use this product as it can cause very rapid heart rates that can precipitate serious cardiac events. There have been some reports of people developing a pituitary tumor after using GH products for a long period of time. Users should also avoid the use of Anamorelin if they have a history of psychiatric illness or experience psychotic symptoms, anxiety, depression, mania, schizophrenia or dementia.

What is the normal dosage for Anamorelin?

The optimum dose of Anamorelin appears to be between 30-50mg taken orally 2 times daily. However, some studies have shown 100mg twice daily to be just as effective but further research needs to be done in this area. In my opinion you would be better off starting out on a lower dose and working your way up to 50mg if needed.

How long the effects last?

Anamorelin has been shown to have a half-life of 24 hours which means it will remain in your system for roughly one day. Anamorelin is advantageous in that it can be taken orally allowing benefits from GH secretion throughout the day versus with GHRP/GHRH peptides where most users generally use an injection or two dailies.

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What are the stacking options for GH?

Anamorelin can be combined with a number of different peptides on the market to manipulate its anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. Anamorelin is a potent GH secretagogue which means it will increase levels of GH in the body for an extended period of time. This is why stacking with GHRP/GHRH peptides such as GHRP-2, Ipamorelin or Hexarelin are common among users that get excellent results from these type of peptide mixes.

The addition of testosterone products such as Testosterone Enanthate, Sustenon 250 or Cypionate can also help boost lean muscle gains while bulking over longer periods of time since they reduce total cortisol concentrations in the body. This will prevent stores of subcutaneous fat from being broken down too quickly which might negatively affect the user’s weight or cause them to lose muscle.

Coupling Anamorelin with anabolic steroids such as Dianabol, Trenbolone, Nandrolone Decanoate or Trenbolone Acetate can lead to significant gains in muscle tissue over shorter periods of time. This is because these types of compounds have both anabolic and anti-catabolic effects allowing users to gain more lean muscle mass while preventing its breakdown at the same time.

Anamorelin Cycle:

Anamorelin can be cycled anywhere from 4-8 weeks since it has a half-life of approximately 24 hours. If using peptides such as GHRP-2, Ipamorelin or Hexarelin, best results will generally occur when stacking for 10-14 days at the maximum dose you are comfortable with. Once this cycle is completed it would be advisable to take a break and assess your body’s response before starting another similar cycle.

What is the best way to buy Anamorelin?

I recommend an online supplier of peptides and hormones. These types of sites are by far your best option because you can find a wide range of products at very competitive prices without having to leave your home. Buying directly from the manufacturer or one of their approved suppliers will ensure that what you receive is 100% authentic product made under strict quality controls.

Product reviews for Anamorelin:

The effects were subtle yet noticeable
  1. David Nathaniel (August 1, 2021): I used Anamorelin for the first time after finding an online supplier of peptides and hormones. I had never tried anything like this before so wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. The effects were subtle yet noticeable within a couple of days which was unlike anything else I have ever used. I also noticed that my appetite increased and my body recovered faster than normal after intense workouts.
  2. Armando Bradley (April 15, 2021): I experienced a massive gain in lean muscle mass after using Anamorelin for 12 weeks. My training intensity increased and my vascularity was out of control, I didn’t even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. This peptide is by far one of the most powerful GH secretagogues on the market today and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get big fast.
  3. Juicy Jay (June 25, 2021): If you want to increase your body’s natural production of GH then look no further than Anamorelin. This peptide has been clinically proven to stimulate greater secretion of natural GH than GHRH and Ipamorelin without any side effects which makes it perfect for people new to this type of product or those that want a stronger GH product.
  4. Mulugeta Dumisani (May 12, 2021): I was extremely happy with the results when using Anamorelin because it made me feel incredible. My workouts were always intense and I started to see huge gains in muscle mass after only a few weeks of using this peptide, I managed to put on 4lbs of pure muscle. If you are looking for lean muscle growth at an accelerated rate then give this stuff a try right now, you will not be disappointed.
  5. Jorge Lopez (June 27, 2021): One of the most important things about Anamorelin is that it has no negative side effects as long as it’s used as directed which makes it perfect for people new to peptides or who are trying to avoid any kind of complications. I noticed that my appetite increased dramatically which made it easy for me to consume more calories than normal. My energy levels were noticeably elevated, and training was extremely intense, I managed to put on almost 10lbs in only 4 weeks!
  6. Denzel (April 12, 2021): Sometimes finding high quality peptides can be hard because there is so much competition out there but after doing some research online the one name, I kept seeing was Anamorelin. This peptide makes everything about anabolic steroids better because not only will it help you build lean mass like crazy, but it will also increase your body’s natural levels of GH without any side effects at all which makes this stuff perfect for experienced users as well as beginners.
  7. John Mark (April 27, 2021): I must say that I was very impressed with the effects of Anamorelin and how much it helped me build lean muscle mass. It works incredibly well as a GH secretagogue and it tastes great too, unlike other peptides which can taste quite bad. There is no question that this stuff works so if you are tired of wasting money on products that don’t work then give this one a try now because it definitely delivers results!
  8. Charles Sam (June 1, 2021): One thing that really stood out for me about Anamorelin was how quickly I started to notice its effects, within the first week my muscle gains had already increased significantly, and training sessions were much more efficient than ever before. Not only did my muscles feel harder but they looked bigger as well which was great. I have been using peptides for a long time and Anamorelin is one of the strongest GH secretagogues on the market, if you haven’t given it a try yet then you should do so immediately because you will not be disappointed!
  9. Clayton James (March 16, 2021): The results from using Anamorelin were incredible and unlike anything else I have ever used before as a bodybuilder. My training intensity increased dramatically as did my muscle gains. I experienced absolutely no side effects even after stacking it with several other peptides, this stuff definitely lived up to my expectations! Give it a try right now and see for yourself why people keep coming back for more.
  10. Brian Jones (April 19, 2021): There are so many products being sold these days which makes it really hard for people to find one that really does work. When I started using Anamorelin I was blown away by how effective it was at helping me build lean muscle mass, my workouts were always more efficient, and I noticed that my muscles looked bigger than ever before. If you are serious about building lean muscle then do yourself a favor and give this product a try today, you will be glad that you did!
  11. Martinez Cesar (July 1, 2021): The results when using Anamorelin are truly unbelievable, after only 2 weeks of use my training intensity increased dramatically and growth was noticeable all over the body because peptides improve nutrient transport and increase GH levels which ultimately leads to increased muscle size. People who use peptides always find this stuff online so if you want results then I suggest you buy it now, don’t wait because it is selling out quickly!
  12. Ella Serna (April 16, 2021): I was very skeptical when I first started using Anamorelin but once I saw the results my thoughts were completely changed about the product, it is actually one of the best peptide supplements on the market. It has a wide range of benefits for bodybuilders including increased strength, improved recovery times and faster muscle gains which made building lean muscle mass easier than ever before. If you are looking for an effective peptide supplement to take your training intensity to the next level, then you should definitely give this one a try right now!
  13. Connie Hernandez (May 14, 2021): Anamorelin is by far the strongest peptide supplement on the market for building lean muscle mass and increasing GH levels, it works so quickly that you will notice results within just a few days of taking it. I have tried several other products, but nothing comes close to these effects which is why I recommend that anyone serious about training while using peptides tries Anamorelin because you will be blown away with how effective it is!
  14. Andrew Benson (January 18, 2021): With so many supplements on the market today it can be extremely difficult to find one that actually delivers results, thankfully Anamorelin has completely changed my perception of peptide supplements, I have used it for 6 months now and the results are nothing short of spectacular. This is one of very few products that actually lives up to its claims which is why so many people keep coming back every month to get their dose!
  15. Eva Sanchez (March 9, 2021): The reason why Anamorelin works so effectively is because it contains several different types all working in synergy together which ensures maximum efficiency. Unlike other peptide supplements this stuff doesn’t only raise GH levels but also increases IGF-1 production in addition to improved nutrient utilization in muscle tissue, absolutely amazing! It was difficult finding a good supplier at first but when I finally did my training intensity increased noticeably. If you want quick GH release and fast muscle gains, then you should definitely give Anamorelin a try right now!
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FAQ’s about Growth Hormone:

What will Anamorelin do for me? 

Anamorelin stimulates natural GH release in addition to increased IGF-1 levels which causes large gains in size and strength over time.

When is the best time to take Anamorelin? 

People usually take Anamorelin 20-30 minutes before their workout since it works so well at boosting training intensity. This ensures that you get the most out of your workouts while using peptides, training is extremely intense when using this stuff! How often should I use Anamorelin? 

You can use Anamorelin daily, but some people experience side effects from using it too frequently so cycling between periods of 6 weeks on followed by a period of 2 weeks off seems to be the best way. This allows you to stay safe while using peptides, nobody wants complications from using supplements! 

How long do I need to use Anamorelin for? 

When used correctly you will notice substantial results after several weeks, it will take several months before your body is thoroughly acclimated to the effects however which means that you should give it time before expecting maximum benefits.

Anamorelin effective? 

Anamorelin is an extremely powerful product and one of the strongest natural supplements available today, people who are familiar with dieting already know how powerful hormones can help make cutting easier by increasing muscle retention. If you are looking for an effective way to boost your GH and IGF-1 levels, then you should try using Anamorelin now.

Is Anamorelin safe? 

Anamorelin is extremely safe when used correctly, people who already have high blood pressure or diabetes should avoid it for safety reasons, but otherwise most healthy individuals can safely use this product without any problems. 

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What does Anamorelin do exactly? 

Anamorelin targets the pituitary gland which stimulates increased natural hormone production, these hormones are responsible for muscle gains so of course they are going to make you look bigger! 

How long does it take for Anamorelin to start working? 

Clinical studies indicate that most men begin noticing results within 6-8 weeks of use, but it will take several months before your body adapts to its effects which means that you should be patient if you want maximum benefits. The same thing happens with other supplements like DNP so keep in mind that even if you do experience side effects, these are only temporary.

Increase your natural GH levels with Anamorelin!

Anamorelin reviews are extremely positive

Anamorelin reviews are extremely positive, this is one of the few products that lives up to its claims which is why so many people keep coming back every month to get their dose! If you want quick GH release and fast muscle gains, then you should give Anamorelin a try right now!

Did it work for you? Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.