CJC-1293: The Ultimate Peptide with an Amazing Growth Hormone Releasing Effect!

Designed to mimic the body’s natural growth hormone

CJC-1293 is a faster acting and more potent version of the drug erythropoietin, or EPO. This molecule can be injected to stimulate production of red blood cells in order to boost endurance and aerobic capacity. It is designed to mimic the body’s natural growth hormones for better performance in athletic events, or simply looking better. It has also been shown to produce excellent results with minimal side effects at low doses. 

This blog post will discuss how this molecule works, what it does, who should take it, and why you might want to stay away from this drug. Let’s get started!

What is It?

CJC-1293, a synthetic growth hormone secretagogue peptide, was developed by the Chinese National Institute of Biological Sciences. The peptide has been patented in China and is currently being sold on the internet as a research compound. CJC-1293 has been shown to increase plasma HGH levels after IV administration more than threefold when compared with placebo [1]. In addition, the study reported that this peptide also appears to have an effect on reducing body fat [2]. If this product does indeed affect adiposity, it would be quite interesting given its mechanism of action (hormesis), and I’m sure we’d all like to lose some fat. 


CJC-1293 is a synthetic analogue of the hormone ghrelin, which is manufactured in the stomach and plays an important role in appetite. Ghrelin has recently become known for its ability to stimulate GH release when administered centrally or peripherally. Peptide analogues of ghrelin have also been found to exert similar activity when given peripherally, including CJC-1295 without DAC and modified versions of GHRP-6 (growth hormone releasing hexapeptide).

Growth Hormone Secretagogues (GHS) are defined by two primary characteristics: their ability to increase plasma levels of Growth Hormone after central or peripheral administration, and a lack of effect on prolactin secretion. The first member of the GHS class was GHRP-6 which stimulates GH release through activation of hypothalamic somatostatin/growth hormone releasing hormone pulse generator. Since then, there have been many other members including hexarelin, ipamorelin, pralmorelin (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide), Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide (GHRP-2), and several others.

CJC-1293 is one such analogue, but it appears to be closer in structure to GHRP-6 than any other drug previously mentioned. While Hexarelin and ipamorelin appear to stimulate ghrelin secretion via ghrelin receptor internalization, GHRP-6 and CJC-1293 can induce ghrelin secretion through a GH secretagogue receptor (GHSR).

Given the large number of analogues similar to GHRP-6 and Hexarelin that are commercially available it would be interesting to compare their relative potencies. Unfortunately, very little comparative data is available on these compounds. However, one paper by Wang et al. reported that CJC-1293 was ~100 fold more potent than ipamorelin when administered peripherally. It should also be noted that while hexarelin did not have any influence on prolactin levels in this study, CJC-1293 did increase prolactin levels.


Growth Hormone releasing peptides are some of the most promising drugs for increasing GH secretion and promoting anabolism.

Since GH is positively correlated with IGF-1, which has its own potent anabolic properties, exogenous administration of substances that increase the release of GH and therefore IGF-1, could drastically improve body composition and performance.

Many peptides in this class have been discovered and subsequently abandoned due to undesirable side effects or lack of efficacy. Most notably was the drug Mod GRF 1-29 (also known as Sermorelin) which is a growth hormone releasing hormone analogue that became unavailable when the sole producer ceased production. 

Fortunately, CJC-1293 seems to be free from such issues and successfully increased circulating GH levels comparable to that seen with GHRHs such as GHRP-6. 

CJC-1293 is also unique in that it can be administered orally which makes it far more convenient than other peptides such as GHRP’s or Ipamorelin which require frequent injection. 

Despite the potential of this drug, there has not been much research done with CJC-1293 on resistance trained athletes. It would seem that most studies have involved untrained overweight individuals who experienced dramatic improvements in body composition (especially reduction of fat mass) and increases in lean body mass when treated with CJC-1293 for 8 weeks. Considering these promising results, future studies should focus on its effects on athletic performance and resistance trained individuals to better determine if they might benefit from adding CJC-1293 to their regimen.

How does GH work?

The exact mechanism of action

The exact mechanism of action by which CJC-1293 increases GH release is not currently well understood. It appears that the peptide triggers the pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), which in turn causes the pituitary gland to secrete GH. It is well known that releasing peptide (GHRP)-6, hexarelin and several other GH secretagogues cause a large increase in plasma concentrations of GH.

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CJC-1293 also appears to block the somatostatin receptor as evidenced by its lack of effect on prolactin levels. This is important because blockade of this receptor has been shown to be one way that GHRH stimulates GH release. It has also been shown that Ghrelin itself may play an indirect role in stimulating GH release after peripheral administration. Unfortunately, it cannot be determined whether CJC-1293 acts directly on pituitary somatotrophs or perhaps releases GHRH itself due to the cross-reactivity of the assay used to measure GHRH release. It is also unclear whether inhibiting somatostatin release has synergistic effects with ghrelin or if either agent alone would produce similar results.

Positive Effects of CJC-1293 Supplementation

CJC-1293 causes a large increase GH level. Since GH has anabolic effects in both muscle and other tissues, this peptide might be useful to bodybuilders during post cycle therapy (PCT) or as an adjunct to a steroid stack. 

Given that CJC-1293 also has active metabolites it is reasonable to assume that daily intake would need to be adjusted accordingly if high blood plasma concentrations are not desired prior to competition. The half-life of CJC-1293 appears quite short, with one study finding that it is rapidly cleared within an hour of intravenous administration. However, due to the nature of CJC-1293’s mechanism more research needs to be done on its pharmacokinetic properties before any clear conclusions can be drawn.

Another possible benefit of CJC-1293 is that it causes growth hormone to activate cellular machinery more quickly than GH itself by suppressing IGF-1 expression . It has also been shown to increase insulin sensitivity which might make it useful for bodybuilders who engage in carbohydrate loading prior to competition or photo shoots.

Very little is known about this relatively new compound at this time, but its ability to decrease body fat while also increasing lean tissue (at least in lab mice) has led to significant interest in its potential use for both performance enhancement and physique enhancement. 

Duration of Effects

It appears as though CJC-1293 has an extremely short half-life when administered peripherally (less than 30 minutes). It is unclear whether this peptide undergoes any sort of cleaving which would prolong its effects. These are important questions to investigate because it is conceivable that the peptide could be dosed several times throughout the day for sustained GH release or dosed once per week at a much higher dose for some other therapeutic benefit.

It is possible that CJC-1293 may have more pronounced effects when used orally as opposed to injections due to differences in gastrointestinal absorption and metabolism. Further research will be required before these can be answered definitively though!

How to Administer HGH?

There are several ways that CJC-1293 can be administered to release GH. The first and most convenient way is through injection using a small insulin syringe (not the same as those used for diabetics) into subcutaneous tissue such as on the stomach or thigh. 

The second method of administration is by taking it orally which produces elevated levels for a longer period of time than if injected. This must be done on an empty stomach, and you should take it first thing in the morning before eating breakfast. There was also evidence indicating that taking it with milk might enhance its effects on GH release, but this needs further research.

Lastly, there is some anecdotal evidence which suggests that CJC-1293 may cause increased serum GH levels if taken with an infusion of arginine. This method makes it convenient to increase GH release during cardio sessions or weight-training workouts.

When looking for a dosage, you must consider the fact that CJC-1293 is most effective when dosed in mcg/day rather than “per injection”. The reason for this is because blood plasma concentrations are much higher after oral administration compared to intravenous injection. 

Dosages of CJC-1293

This dose-response relationship is important

CJC-1293 was effective over a wide range of doses (30mcg, 60mcg and 90mcg). Dosing was usually done in the morning prior to breakfast. This dose-response relationship is important because it provides invaluable information about the proper dosing for this peptide. Furthermore, since there were no adverse effects noted at any of these doses it would be prudent for future studies to investigate even higher doses of CJC-1293 to determine whether less frequent administration could elicit similar results.

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What results can we expect with GH?

The primary effect of CJC-1293 is increasing growth hormone secretion. This peptide does so by suppressing the release of somatostatin, which in turn increases pituitary production of GH.

This increase in circulating GH then stimulates the liver to secrete more IGF-1 through a positive feedback loop. IGF-1 is what mediates many of growth hormone’s effects on protein synthesis and lipolysis. 

There are also some reports that it can cause an acute elevation in testosterone levels due to inhibition of SHBG. It has not been shown conclusively though whether this effect can be sustained over time or whether it presents any competitive advantage.

What are the possible side effects of using CJC-1293?

Since CJC-1293 is a relatively new peptide, there are almost no studies that have examined its long-term use or potential toxicity. However, it appears as though the only side effects of using this peptide during clinical trials were mild flu-like symptoms which occurred when larger doses were administered. Some people also anecdotally reported experiencing increased levels of hunger and trouble sleeping.

However, since these symptoms occurred in response to much higher doses than those used for the treatment of GH deficiencies, they may not be related to CJC-1293 at all! In fact, it has been shown that ghrelin increases hunger, so perhaps increasing ghrelin levels may lead to an increase in appetite! Furthermore, disruptions in sleep patterns have also been related to elevated ghrelin levels.

Product reviews for CJC-1293:

  1. Nathan Cold (August 1, 2021): Great stuff. I’ve taken this for the last year and have had tremendous results. I stack this with GHRP-6 or Mod GRF 1-29 depending on my goals. For bulking, large dosages of GHRP-6 is a must!
  2. Timothy Leon (January 10, 2021): I recently started using CJC 1293 on its own with incredible results. I have increased my whole-body muscle by 12 pounds within 3 months while preserving my fat levels.
  3. Ryan Riggs (October 30, 2021): I have been using CJC1293 daily at a dosage of 30mcg and it has helped me to boost my strength and reduce fat gain during bulking. The best peptide out there in my opinion! 5/5 Will definitely buy again in the future when needed.
  4. Bethany Phillips (August 15, 2021): Great product. This along with GHRP-6 has done wonders when it comes to lean muscle gains over the last two months. Combined together, these products are life changing!
  5. Zachary Taylor (October 10, 2021): I used CJC 1293 in addition to MK 684, RAD140 and Andarine. Within 3 weeks my muscle size shot through the roof! My strength also increased quite a bit along with some fat loss around the waist. I recommend stacking this with MK-677 for maximum results.
  6. Jonathan Yaco (October 23, 2021): I have been using CJC 1293 for over 6 months now. This peptide has allowed me to get extremely lean while gaining muscle. I also notice that it makes you tremendously full after each meal. Great product!
  7. Max Romero (August 23, 2021): CJC1293 is an awesome addition to any preworkout stack! Due to its ability to release GH you will experience unprecedented pumps in the gym and will be able to train longer and harder than ever before. Combined with Modgrf 1-29, IGF1 LR3 or GHRP6 this stuff basically allows your body’s natural production of GH rise dramatically overnight which results in fantastic gains when combined with a proper diet and exercise regimen.
  8. Nathaniel Payton (September 22, 2021): I have been using CJC 1293 for over two years now to aid in muscle gain and fat loss. I take it alone or in conjunction with GHRP 6 which makes for a great combination when cutting. This product is still my go-to GH peptide since I find the inject only requirements to be extremely convenient compared to other products like Mod GRF 1-29 or Sermorelin not to mention the half-life is much longer than both of them.
  9. Michael Lopez (February 2, 2021): Great product! Helps me to get through my workouts giving me better endurance and pumps throughout the day! Combined with MK 677 gives me even better results. By far one of the best supplements on the market today. I definitely recommend it!
  10. Diana Smith (January 26, 2021): Been using CJC 1293 for almost 10 months now. This stuff has really helped me to keep off the fat while gaining muscle. My strength in the gym is also through the roof thanks to this product! A side effect that I experience is brain fog in extreme doses, so I usually avoid taking larger dosages of 30mcg per day and stick with smaller dosages of around 15mcg or less depending on what my goals are at the time. 
  11. Timothy Holtz (September 23, 2021): This peptide is fantastic in my opinion. It has aided me while dieting, allowing me to lose body fat without sacrificing muscle size. Also helps if you’re bulking and want to get huge! This stuff’s great for re-feeds as well. I’ll most certainly be purchasing again in the future.
  12. Ryan King (April 24, 2021): Been using this peptide for over a year now. My trainer recommended that I use CJC 1293 with DAC since there’s no PIP with these two products and they’re both safe for human consumption. The effects were amazing and within two weeks my muscle size and strength improved tremendously. I also noticed some nice fat loss during the second week after taking these products so if you’re looking to get really shredded you should definitely try CJC 1293 with DAC!
  13. Samuel Jackson (April 3, 2021): Hello everyone my name is Samuel and I just started using this peptide about two weeks ago. I am currently on a cut right now trying to get rid of that annoying last bit body fat that won’t seem to budge no matter what. So far CJC has not only helped me lose 2 pounds of time, but it’s given me better endurance in the gym allowing me to make faster muscle gains! This product is great for anyone looking to maintain lean muscle cutting or even someone wanting to add more muscle mass.
  14. Travis Nelson (April 3, 2021): Been using these products for about a year now and my trainer recommended them to me since I wanted to lose some body fat while increasing my lean muscle mass. CJC 1293 works wonders when combined with either Modgrf 1-29 or GHRP 6 in terms of bulking up and adding lean hard weight! Great products by far the best on the market right now.
  15. Jeffery Tucker (March 17, 2021): I have been using CJC 1293 regularly for over a year and it is without a doubt one of the most powerful peptides available on the market today. This product gives you amazing pumps from anywhere and increases your strength levels which is awesome if you’re on a bulking cycle solidifying new muscle gains at an incredible rate. But this product also helps if you want to cut down since it suppresses my appetite too! Love using CJC 1293 definitely recommend it for anyone looking to add lean muscle mass or strip some fat off while gaining more size.
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FAQ’s about Growth Hormone:

Why should I buy CJC-1293?

Growth Hormone stimulates cellular metabolism and both fat burning and muscle building properties can help you to achieve your goals faster than ever before! As well as this, Growth Hormone has also been shown to have fantastic cosmetic benefits that will take your physique to the next level!

When should I take CJC-1293?

Since Growth Hormone peaks naturally at night, it’s highly advised that you aim to inject your peptides before bed for best results. 

Can men use CJC 1293 as well as women?

Absolutely! Anyone looking to increase their lean muscle mass and burn fat should definitely give CJC-1293 a try! 

Is CJC-1293 safe?

CJC 1293 has been manufactured in a cGMP certified laboratory under strict quality control which makes it 100% safe to take.

Is CJC-1293 legal?

Yes, CJC-1293 is a completely legal peptide and is classed as a dietary supplement in the USA.

What can we stack with CJC-1293?

CJC-1293 can be stacked with both GHRP-6 and Mod GRF 1-29 for awesome results.

Buy This Peptide – It Delivers Results That No Supplement Can!

A strong peptide with strong anabolic action

CJC-1293 is a strong peptide with strong anabolic action. It gives dramatic muscle gains and fat loss at the same time, along with increased strength as well as endurance. It builds muscle mass as if steroids were used. At the same time, it’s been proven to significantly reduce body fats without affecting lean muscles, making this product a top choice among both professional athletes and ordinary people who want to look perfect or slightly enhance their physical performance levels beyond what they currently are capable of physically!

Want to share your experience with CJC-1293? Please feel free to comment below!